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 Rush Field in YuanLi, Taiwan

Rush Field in YuanLi, Taiwan


Over a century ago the YuanLi township in Taiwan was a thriving industry. During the Japanese Imperial Rule many of the locals made their living by producing and exporting rush-weaved products to the Japanese market. Rush-weaved products, were at one point, the third largest exported product of Taiwan.

In recent years the rush-weaving industry has been in steady decline, mainly due to industrialisation. Today, craftsmen and artisans alike with their amazing skills are being forced to sell their products at a disproportionate price to the local retail market in order to simply make ends meet.

We have chosen to work in co-operation with the Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association. Founded in 2003, this organisation is dedicated to keeping these traditional crafts alive and ensuring employment within the artisan community. The craftsmen that are a part of this association benefit from fair trade and decent salaries, but unfortunately there are many the organization cannot reach due the blockage by local resellers.

By carefully selecting the right partners, we can assure that more and more craftsmen will be protected by the association and be treated fairly.



The rush grass we are using is triangle-rush which is truly an amazing natural material. It's lightweight, durable, aromatic, breathable, moisture-absorbing and a natural repellent to flees and dust mites.

Generations ago, when air conditioning didn't exist, triangle rush grass was widely used during the hot summer months for bed linings and pillowcases. Before the invention of plastics other triangle rush grass products were hats, bags and containers.

Due to the moisture-absorbing quality of rush grass, the size of the product may vary slightly according to the humidity level of the environment, also the colour may vary over time.